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YAJSW - Changes



yajsw-beta-12.05 Mars 13th 2016

NOTE: Windows: If you have installed java 8 and an older version on the same machine: set the configuration properties = <full path to java> = <full path to java>

yajsw-beta-12.04 Dec 24th 2015

yajsw-beta-12.03 October 5th 2015

NOTE: property: wrapper.posix_spawn is now default for all posix OS

yajsw-beta-12.02 June 23rd 2015

NOTE: requires java 6 or higher for both wrapper and wrapped application

yajsw-beta-12.01 April 28th 2015

NOTE: requires java 7 or higher.

yajsw-alpha-12.00 September 14th 2014

yajsw-stable-11.11 January 25th 2014

yajsw-stable-11.10 January 3rd 2014

yajsw-stable-11.09 December 23rd 2013

yajsw-stable-11.08 October 27th 2013

yajsw-stable-11.07 July 8th 2013

yajsw-stable-11.06 April 20 2013

yajsw-stable-11.05  March 3rd 2013

yajsw-stable-11.04 January 11th 2013

NOTE: meaning of wrapper.logfile.maxfiles has changed: if logfile rolling is set to DATE, maxfiles refers to the number of files per day not the total. Set maxdays to limit the total number of files.

yajsw-stable-11.03  August 26th 2012

yajsw-stable-11.02 June 10th 2012

yajsw-stable-11.01 April 11th 2012

yajsw-stable-11.0  Februray 22nd 2012

NOTE: JBoss 7: runs only with java version prior to 6_17 or higher than 7_0.

yajsw-beta-10.12 December 18th 2011

yajsw-beta-10.11 November 27th 2011

yajsw-beta-10.10 October 15th 2011

yajsw-beta-10.9 August 14th 2011

yajsw-beta-10.8 June 26th 2011

yajsw-beta-10.7 May 21th 2011

yajsw-beta-10.6 March 19th 2011

yajsw-beta-10.5 March 6th 2011

This release is dedicated to My Blind Tunes, my kids' first android app. Please support them by downloading the app and if you like it by giving them 5 stars rating. Thanks !

yajsw-beta-10.4 October 10th 2010

yajsw-beta-10.3 July 29th 2010

yajsw-beta-10.2 April 12th 2010

yajsw-beta-10.1 February 20th 2010

yajsw-beta-10.0 February 7th 2010

yajsw-alpha-9.5 November 24th 2010

take care when building wrapper.jar, wrapperApp.jar, wrapperWS.jar:
wrapper.jar should not include the classes:* except for *Impl*.
wrapperApp.jar includes only the classes* + ...yajsw.boot.* except for *Impl*
both have the same manifest.

wrapperWS.jar is built by running the class WebStartBooter with JVM option -verbose:class and using JarBuilder (see src/builder/...). This jar has to be signed. You may use build/sign.bat for this.

yajsw-alpha-9.4 September 20 2009

NOTE: this release is buggy on MacOsX this will be solved in a next release

yajsw-alpha-9.3 August 28 2009

yajsw-alpha-9.2 August 20 2009

yajsw-alpha-9.1 July 28 2009

yajsw-alpha-9.0 July 26 2009

yajsw-alpha-8.4 June 1st 2009

yajsw-alpha-8.3 May 4th 2009

yajsw-alpha-8.2 April 16th 2009

yajsw-alpha-8.1 April  14th 2009

yajsw-alpha-8.0 April 11th 2009

yajsw-alpha-7.1 March 22nd 2009

yajsw-alpha-7.0 Feb 28th 2009

yajsw-alpha-6.0 January 5th, 2009

yajsw-alpha-5.1 December 22, 2008

yajsw-alpha-5.0 December 21, 2008

yajsw-alpha-4.0  November 16 2008

yajsw-alpha-3.1 November 5 2008

yajsw-alpha-3.0 November 2 2008

yajsw-alpha-2.0 August 20 2008

yajsw-alpha-1.0 April 14 2008

Initial release
This Alpha 1.0 Release is a proof of concept implementing only the main functions and configuration properties.